How We Make Our Cashmere Throws

ThrowsWe started making Throws almost 4 years ago when one of our longest serving seamstresses Bec was feeling particularly brave. I say brave because they are no mean feat...laying out over 12 metres of different coloured hand-cut rectangles of cashmere in a pleasing fashion is quite a talent... but I'm getting ahead of myself...

Before we even start to make Throws we have to sort, wash, dry and cut the pre-loved jumpers and cardigans we buy. This involves Lucy, Bec, Naomi, Elladie & Zoe and that's not to mention those who help with the other products such as hats & baby wear which help us to make sure that we use as much of the original garment as possible.

Once the cutting is done we end up with a rainbow of shelves of different sized pieces of cashmere waiting for the magic to start. Sometimes it's really obvious that a jumper should be made into a Throw, it might have a picture or a zany pattern, other times we have to wait quite a while to have enough of the right colour for an Amazing Amethyst or Cheerful Clementine Throw.

When we've decided which colours we're making throws from each week they are boxed and taken away for Bec to match (we are practicing matching them in the studio but Bec is still the 'Queen of Throw matching' at TD). Matching up involves a large space, a cool head and a great eye for colour and balance. Once matched up they are carefully wrapped in the order they were layed out and returned to us for Emma and Annette to stitch. Back in the old days (over two years ago!) before we had overlocking machines we used to attach fleece backs to the Throws but now that we can finish the reverse of the Throw neatly we are really proud to say that they are 100% recycled.


When stitched the Throws are labeled with our British made blanket label & we're nearly there; all that remains to do is for our wonderful photographer Lucy to immortalise the Throw in her studio and for Jackie or I to make it into a product on the website for you to see; click here if you'd like to see our current range. 

So, you can see that when a Turtle Doves Throw arrives at its new home a lot of love has already gone into it, we hope that it shows!

Thanks for reading and do let us know if you have any comments.

Warm wishes, Kate


Please email me when the throws are availble

I can’t see if any of your throws are in stock..

Can you let me know when the throws are in stock

I cannot see your throws on this site? Please advise.

how much do your throws cost and what sizes do you do and I am looking for neutral colours. thanks

Do yiu have any throws in shades of blue or creams ?

I bought my throw from you last year hot pinks I use it every day.Gaven me much
pleasure and comfort differ with chronic pain 24/7
I take it everywhere I go .So cleverly made

I love your throws but will you be making any with a yellow colour anytime soon?

These throws look fantastic. Are they made to order or do you have a selection in stock?

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