5 Top Tips to keep your fingertips warm

Cold hands can be annoying, painful and ultimately make you feel miserable; it doesn’t even depend on the weather; it can affect people throughout the year. I know because I’ve met lots of people who have suffered with cold hands. The good news is that many of these people have shared tips about how they have learnt to cope with this problem, improve the situation and in many cases stop it happening.

So, I thought it was time I shared some of these simple and effective ways of keeping hands and fingers warmer…

  • Stay active - Regular exercise and keeping moving helps heat to travel around your body. If you have a sedentary job or are relaxing at home try to move about at regular intervals to keep that warm blood moving.
  • Wear layers - Layering up really does help. Several thin layers is more effective at trapping warm air and stopping you feeling cold than just one thick garment.
  • Wrap those wrists up warm – The blood in your hands cools from the wrist because this is where the veins are closest to the surface. Keep them wrapped up all day from when you wake and your hands will stay warmer. we know this works because people who buy our fingerless gloves always tell us this.  Click here to try a pair at a special price them here if you’re interested. If you've already used this one-time offer you can click here to see all our current fingerless glove colours.
  • Wear a hat – Your head is another place where a lot of heat is lost; wearing a hat will help to lessen this.
  • Avoid air conditioning – temperature changes, especially man-made ones, affect your body heat. If you’re heading to places with air conditioning prepare in advance to help you stay warm more easily.

Following these tips should really help you to enjoy warmer fingers whatever the weather.

Warm wishes, Kate and the Turtle Doves Team xx


Hi Kate my friend has a cashmere jumper. Are you still using them and giving pair of fingerless gloves? Cant see anything on website about this. Thanks. Ps I have had 3 pairs and love them

Just love these fingerless gloves. Very warm,comfortable to wear! Think my daughter liked them too! Have ordered my second pair! A must have, for arthritis sufferers.

I’ve just given my daughter her first set of fingerless gloves in blue, she loves them another happy girl, thank you x

I am really pleased with my first pair of turtle dove gloves. So soft and warm, thank you Sandra Evans

Hi Kate. Thank you so much just received my lovely gloves the pastel colour was great 😊x

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