Introducing our brand new Squoval Shoulder bag (with zip!)

Over the years Turtle Doves have made several different bags but never one with a zip... however all that has changed.

This bag has a little story behind it. Last year we met Carola & Deedle at a show; they were making and selling lovely products from pre-loved Guatemalan tribal costumes (you can read a bit more about them and the belts they sell here). The costumes are hand-woven, often long ago and the colours are all unique to a each tribal group so they are steeped in tradition. Here's a picture of the fabrics in situ supplied by Deedle:

So, we were offered the chance to buy some of the costumes and we jumped at it.

We've had to be a bit patient as the fabric was coming back from Guatemala with Deedle so we had some time to think about what we'd make. Following the success of our parachute bags we wondered whether a more substantial handbag style accessory would be worth a try. That was when we remembered that Netty had been given a batch of unwanted hidden zips from the Laura Ashley factory in Wales years ago so we started playing...

We wanted to design the new bag to be big enough to use on a day out and a quick brainstorm around the cutting table left us with a list:

Your purse, phone, tissues, lippy, water bottle (Ellie's idea - she's so healthy), a book and a pen...and room for a little more just in case.

The Squoval Bag has a single handle and will fit over the shoulder even with a bulky coat on, it is lined with 2 inside pockets and of course and nice secure zip. It earned it's name 'Squoval' after Nettie came back from a pre-wedding manicure and shared the word with us...with the bag's angled base and oval opening it seemed perfect.

It is a really comfortable length and balances weight nicely.

We made the first sample out of some left over Kantha fabric (recycled from cotton saris hand stitched together) from last summer's coat range and really liked it so we're offering it in both fabrics as a limited edition product. 

If you like the look of them click here to see the fabrics and colours on offer.

We're making them all to order so delivery will be about 10 days, possibly less, we'll be sewing as fast as we can.

We're really excited to have another new product to share with you and hope you like it as much as we do!

Thanks for reading, Kate & the TD team xx



I’ missed previous information about bags, they look interesting . Could the material also be used to make a men’s style waistcoat ? Possibly lined with cashmere? Could look good with trousers, maybe just the fronts, cashmere backs would be cozy and comfortable. I have lots of your clothes and love my long waistcoat , and cannot imagine life without my gloves! Thankyou , Shirley

Products look loverly

Love my beautiful Turtle Doves fingerless gloves, I love the colour and they are so soft, they are going to be good when I’m working with my textiles and when I’m out photographing the landscapes around Cheshire and N. Wales! Thank you guys will be ordering again soon!

Just sent for my first bag have atheritus in my hands so I hope this will take the strain love all the colours

Love your handbags but concerned about security. The new Squoval bag looks great

Thanks for your comment Jo. If you have any other suggestions for the fabric we’d be very happy to hear them. Kate

Unfortunately I’m not a handbag person, but love them I’m sure lots of our people will be very happy!

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