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Some weeks are more challenging than others and this has been a busy one. A show in London, lots happening back at the studio, family life etc...

Then something happens that puts it all in perspective...that thing was my sister running a 10k. Not so unusual you may think but here's a thing, she's had open heart surgery 4 times!

Valerie has raised a lot of money to help children and adults who have heart problems and this weekend she raised over £1000 for the Somerville Foundation whose mission is to ensure that GUCH (Grown Up Congenital Heart defect) patients enjoy access to every opportunity, are free from discrimination and are fully supported throughout their life.

So, that set us thinking, standing surrounded by colourful cashmere at a trade show, called Pulse...what could we do to add a bit to Valerie's fundraising achievement?

We always build our trade stands so that they are fully recyclable and this time we had about 100 metres of cashmere in a wonderful rainbow of colours and that's where the idea you're about to read came from...

Our show stand is going to be recycled into a fundraising project...

We've designed a new product, a lightweight and versatile snood/headband/hat which will be £30 when fully launched but we have a limited number, which we'll recycle from the Pulse stand.

We are selling them at the special price of £25 and of that, £10 will be donated to the Somerville Foundation.

So, we've got enough cashmere to make over 100 colourful charity snoods which means that if we sell them all we could match what V's already raised! These products don't have a name yet so for the purpose of this blog we'll call them the 'Heart Snood'. However, see below for more about the naming competition.


Here's a picture of the Heart Snood and how it can be used... and anyone who buys one will automatically be entered into a draw to win the amazing throw we've made from the leftovers!

The team kindly donned samples of the new product for this photo...if you like the look of it click here to find out more and buy it if you like what you see; if you do you'll be helping to support a great charity...and you'll be entered into a draw to win the amazing, huge, family sized rainbow throw below...


If you'd like a chance to win the throw but aren't after a Heart Snood pop the word 'Somerville' into the 'Order Notes' section in your basket when you order before the 17th June and we'll donate 10% of your order value to the foundation and put your name into the draw for the throw.

We'll be announcing the winner of the cashmere throw above on Friday 17th June.

Also, if you can think of a name for this useful and versatile little garment we'd love to hear it...comment below and if we choose your suggestion we'll send you a free Heart Snood as a little thank you.

Last thing, if you haven't come across us before and like what we do you can stay in touch with us by clicking here - thank you, Kate & the TD team x


Thank you so much for all your comments – we really appreciate your input. A week and a bit to go and we’ll be in touch with a winner in our newsletter – don’t forget to sign up if you want to join in with more competitions in the future :)

Liberty because you are supporting people to live a full, supported and independent life via your support. Thank you xxx

The name HeartFelt might do!

The welsh term for a cuddle is a ‘cwtch’. That is what this snood is – a warm, enveloping hug with a heart. So call it a cwtch!

The Caress

The Comfort Snood

I think they should be called The Snood-Do-Good.

Since it’s cosy and multifunctional (and lovely!), I think it should be called ‘The Head Snuggle’.

My father in law is frail – and loves cravats – have you considered them as an attractive option for men in your range?
Please continue your lovely recycled ethical trading.

Somerville Serendipity

Kate..thank you for this generous gesture. My 18 year old grandson, Joseph has a congenital heart defect : Tetraology of Fallot. Last year he had open heart surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and is now under the care of the QE ( as he is an adult) . He was introduced to the Somerville Foundation -who will play a big part in his life from now on. Joseph has recovered and is fine—although he will need more procedures into adulthood. We thank God every day. Thank you for what you are doing.

The Lo❤️ely snood (with the v as a heart!) x

The name “Heart Warmer” springs to mind ;)

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