Shropshire Snow Shoot

Snow was forecast last week and we were delighted at the timing...this meant that we could launch our new 'Paloma' cashmere range in seasonal style in our own beautiful Shropshire hills. Perhaps Rosie, Adam & I were a bit ambitious lugging the (rather heavy) borrowed skis up Nescliffe Hill in the sunshine... If you peer really closely into the distance you can see snow...honestly....

The longer we stayed the sunnier it got but we did have a laugh trying to create that post ski atmosphere and we got some fab shots too.

None of us are off skiing this season sadly, but we're assured that our snoodette is a great ski accessory...any genuine snow shots of our cashmere in action would be hugely appreciated!

Anyway, the Paloma range is now on the website and we are about to put our sewing machines, cameras & laptops away for a couple of days and grab some family time.

We wish you all a very happy holiday and all the best for 2015!

Kate and the Turtle Doves team

Oh, and if it snows near you do think of any exciting 'Turtle Doves cashmere in the snow pics' to and we'll add our favourites to this blog...thank you!

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