Wear it for longer!

Whether you bolster your wardrobe each season by scouring charity shops or heading for the newest trends on the high street it's always a lovely feeling to slip into something 'new' as we watch the seasons change. This season, for the first time, we're busy putting together a special collection for Spring... however, I'm concerned about the frequency with which we are encouraged to 'update' our wardrobe.

We, as a business, rely on textile waste clothing coming through the British recycling system so it does seem a bit backwards to write about owning, & therefore throwing away, less... but the quantity of clothing being thrown out of UK homes every year is enormous. Statistics from WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme a U.K. non-profit recycling advocate) published in 2012 help us to see the size of the issue saying that an unbelievable 1.4m tonnes of textiles is sent to landfill each year! 

I think that what I'm saying is enjoy the clothes you have, be inventive about how you wear them so that you don't get bored of them and if you do find you no longer wear them then please donate to friends, charity shops or clothing banks & let's keep the textiles we have above the ground for as long as possible!

Thanks for reading; all comments gratefully received! 


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