Poetry please! Competition time...

This time last year we were racking our brains, trying to write a little ditty for Mother's Day (and failing dismally) when genius struck...let's ask our lovely customers we thought! So we launched a competition and had lots of fab rhymes sent to us. The winner, Maxine, penned the ode above which fitted perfectly on our wrap & we were delighted. 

As Mother's Day comes round again it's made me wonder; what other celebrations could we make bespoke wraps for?...Happy Birthday; Get well soon; Thanks for being my friend; New arrival; Valentine's Day; Happy Christmas...I guess the list is endless. So, here's the challenge. If you fancy winning a gorgeous pair of our cashmere fingerless gloves why not have a go?

We'll send a free pair of our Turtle Doves gloves to anyone whose poem we choose to use on our wraps. The poem needs to be about the length of the one below and can be on any subject at all:

What once was a jumper, 

a cardi, a vest

recycled with love

to say 'Mum you're the best!'

We'd love it if you could have a bash at it!

Please send poems to Kate at kate@turtle-doves.co.uk or via our contact page by clicking here.

Best wishes,

Kate & all at TDHQ

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