Poetry Competition winners & other fab entries...

Well, that was fun! We had lots of fantastic entries to our little poetry competition – thank you so much to all who threw themselves into it!

Our three favourites, who have all won a pair of our cashmere fingerless gloves, are showcased below.

If you didn't win but fancy treating yourself we've made a discount code 'Poetry15' which you can use to receive a 15% discount on your order (it can only be used 20 times so if you spot something you like don't delay).

An aside - the link to the silk Hug instruction video, which I managed not to put in the newsletter is:  https://www.youtube.com/user/LoveTurtleDoves.


What would you like for Mother's day

I asked my mother Myrtle

Her quick response was no surprise

"I'll have some gloves from Turtle"

By Mary Monks


Thank you dear friend

For your care and your love,

I send you my gift

These cosy warm gloves!

By Camilla J Robertson


Turtle Doves is a company that loves,

Recycling wool into ponchos and gloves,

To protect Mother Earth, the green and the blue,

And make you this gift; 'happy birthday to you!'

By Kate Gill


...and here are some other entries which we loved - hope you enjoy them too!


Warm and comforting just like you

These recycled wonders are better than new!

By Vicki Bennett

These cashmere gloves
are soft and warm
throughout the year
we can be worn.

By Jules Jones

"When a friend needs your love
Nothing beats Turtle Doves!"

By Caroline Adamson

Here's to you and cashmere dreams,
This is not quite what it seems.
This gift comes to wrap your hands in love
Please accept this woolly glove!

By Elaine Daniels

Wrap - poem - rap

Cashmere jumpers with holes and torn
don't look so cool but still keep us warm.
Patches stitched together in colours, pastel or bold.
Wrap them around, look cool but not cold.

By Claudia Glyn

I think that you know when you have a true friend
There's a feeling of trust and a bond that won't end.
In a world of deceit and selfish trends
Its a comforting feeling to have some true friends.
By George Hollis

A glove poem.
The memory of the gloves mum made will linger
Knowing she created them with her singer,
But my digits were numb,
From my pinky to thumb,
She could not manage to sew on the fingers.

By Helen Herbert


To keep warm on a day thats cold

To add some style in colors  that are bold

A luxury gift chosen specially for you.

I hope you love it as much as I do. 

By Mel Riley

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