Cashmere colours competition - win a snoodette in your own colour-way!

Colour is the perfume of the eye - well, I just made that up but that's how I feel about it!

We spend all day wading through lovely fabrics and it's fascinating to see how colours affect each other. It's really interesting creating colour palettes and we thought that you might fancy a go too.

 ...and we are matching up autumn/winter colourways now; so far we have:

Robin Redbreast - Brown, beige & warm red

Olaf - Grey, black & ice blue

Do you have any colourway suggestions? Perhaps a long time favorite of yours, a new idea or just a delightful mix that you happen to have nearby right this minute?

We would love to hear from you with any ideas you have and when we choose our favourite mixes the winners will win a FREE snoodette in their own colourway!

If you'd like to enter just email me by clicking here or via the form below & we'll gather up the entries and announce the winners on July the 8th. Please tell your friends as we'd love as many delicious or crazy colour selections as possible!

Thanks for reading & hope to hear from you soon.

Kate xx

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