Our Scottish Cashmere & Harris Tweed Throw

,…….. ….. Those marks were ‘written’ by Moggy, our nine-week-old half-ragdoll kitten. She likes the bright lights and warmth of my keyboard when she’s not clawing her way up my chest to get to her favourite perch, my right shoulder. Maybe we should have called her 'Polly'.

Anyway, I’ve had a mixed week. After a calm and relaxed sober October I enjoyed a beer or two again at the weekend, first watching the Rugby World Cup Final (has there been a finer sporting competition won by a better team of sportsmen?) and then attending a Laura Ashley reunion in Newtown, Powys to mark thirty years since she died. I’ve never met anyone after thirty years before and it was a strange experience being reintroduced to someone, by that someone. ‘Hi Graham. Remember me? I’m Anne/Viv/Elsa’. I’m rubbish with names at the best of times but these are special people from a very special time in my life so the recognition should have been swifter. But it was the voices I recognized first. Voices stay the same.

So a slightly ragged and tired Graham turned up at the Turtle Doves Monday morning meeting and was told that the design and manufacturing teams were too busy to make me a prototype Scottish cashmere throw and I’d have to wait until next year. I say ‘me’ as this is the only time I can honestly lay claim to a TD product. For the last 2 years I’ve separated the best Scottish cashmere jumpers from the rest knowing that one day we’d find a really good use for them. This spring we attended a trade show and while we browsed I came across a lovely lady who was selling Harris tweed products and I asked her if she ever had any surplus Harris tweed. She replied that she only had small pieces which she struggled to reuse. There's nothing we like more than a challenge so we bought all the offcuts she had.

So we now had Scottish cashmere that is expensive, hardwearing, soft and richly coloured and we had swatches of Harris tweed that are also expensive, hardwearing, richly coloured but with very different fabric properties. Could the TD team make a throw beautiful enough to reflect the workmanship and stunning quality of the fabric? Would it lie properly? Would it have that elusive 'star quality’?

But of course they were too busy making our existing products to meet heavy demand, weren’t they? That was until that Monday morning feeling we all recognize got the better of my patience and by the evening we had the first prototype and what a beauty it is! It’s light but substantial at the same time and very, very soft with colours so assured you just know they only use these on the very best fabrics. Cheekily the production team put the Harris Tweed label next to the Turtle Doves label. We think it looks rather at home.

We added more Harris tweed to give it even more of a Scottish look and feel and we laid in more cashmere as a backing to the tweed. Two of the team held it up for everyone to appreciate. It’s a large product but it’s got that light & heavy thing going on. That wasn’t intended as a Scottish beer pun but it’s in here now!

Serious nods of approval all round.

Our first finished Scottish cashmere and Harris Tweed throws go on sale this weekend. Click here to see our throw collection and here to read more about how we make our throws. We hope you like them!  Thanks for reading, Graham


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