Graham's Second Blog & Some PR

Well, that was a surprise! No sooner had the ‘Graham’s First Blog Ever’ landed on the Turtle Doves website and sales took off. Lots of generous comments on social media & Trustpilot too. Kate had to read some of them to me as I don’t do Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any of that new-fangled stuff. But at least I’m ahead of Paul Smith who doesn’t even use a computer.

Anyway, my suggestion to the Turtle Doves team that the blog obviously drove huge amounts of online business didn’t go down too well and neither did the comment that my arrival in the studio must have had a similar affect. They muttered something about the weather turning colder and it being the beginning of the traditional 12 weeks ‘Happy time’ for retailers as people started thinking about Christmas. I obviously have to work harder on my own PR.

My first several days back in the studio have been extraordinary and such is my joy at being back amongst real people and real machinery and real creativity - the last time was back in the mid-Eighties when I worked in Laura Ashley’s Carno factory as a trainee accountant, not that we used creative accountancy to polish the results: we were surrounded by designers and machine operators - that I feel an urge to rip off my clothes and run around with my arms aloft shouting ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ just thinking about it.

Probably not good for my PR.

Talking of Public Relations we’ve had a great response from writing to our customers in a manner that reflects the number of times they’ve bought something on the website and the new improved site is proving that the investment we’ve recently made in making it easier for customers to find products they like and then to buy them without too much hassle was well worth it. Our new ability to generate one-off promotions and continuous offers and clearance brings us closer to our aim of surprising customers every time they visit the site.

Kate increases her knowledge of all matters E Commerce daily, guided by Rob Young our guru who we were fortunate to come across while attending the Make It British conference at Tobacco Dock in the Spring. It is a wonder to us all how E Commerce is developing particularly in the UK. In the last month alone Kate has created Facebook competitions, got us onto Google Shopping, written to customers with abandoned baskets and she will soon be able to set up that clever thing that shows Turtle Doves adverts on other websites. I think it’s called ‘retargeting’. And Kate’s idea of putting the Turtle Doves Friends button centre stage on the site has led to a jump in the number of people who want to stay in touch, get news of offers or just to see what we’re up to (& they get a 10% OFF coupon too!).

On the home front, we said a sad farewell to Sarah last week. Sarah has been advising us on brand positioning and driving other important projects to completion. She did a great job and we wish her all the best with her future career. I can’t help smiling at Sarah’s CV which now reads: Speedo, Lacoste, Lindemans Wines, Turtle Doves - we're in good company!

My next challenge is Turtle Doves PR….how to spread the news through editors, bloggers and the like. Never done this before so this week I got some advice from Lily who is doing a marketing and PR course at Uni. Any help gratefully received. Just write to us via the Contact Us button. There could be a free-be in it for you!

I’ll be back with more soon.


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