It's all about wrapping this week...

Turtle Doves Wrapped VanWe're guessing that there's a lot of wrapping of cashmere goodies going on all over the country...the website has been super-busy for about 3 weeks now. With our wonderful Friends of TD & plenty of new friends joining us through adverts and editorial in the press we have even had to do a couple of nightshifts to stay on top of things!

In amongst all the mayhem Graham and I have been off in the van to visit a family business up in Huddersfield on a secret R&D mission. Although I'm very excited about it I'm sworn to secrecy for now but we're hoping to have something new to show you in the spring.

Talking of the van, and I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, we've finally had it wrapped - do you like it? Thanks and credit to Lucy at Broccoli Photography for the photo and Sign & Poster in Shrewsbury for the wrap.

So, as we travel up and down the country we'll be spreading the word about what we do so if you see us please give us a wave!

This blog is only really a bloggette as I'm being called over to the packing table now, best dash.

Thanks for reading & hope you have a good week.

Kate xx

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