Turtle Doves Win Gold in the Green Apple Awards!

Green Apple Winners!

We have some very exciting news! We have known for some time that we were winners of some kind in this year's 'Green Apple Awards' but it was a real shock when we heard that we'd won Gold! M&S won the same award last year!!

Here's how the day went... 

Graham and I set off from the heart of Shropshire early on Monday morning ready to face all that our nation’s rail network could throw at us. That was quite lucky really as en route we came across flooding, fire, vandalism, a stuck freight train, a missing driver and wait for it…. a swan on the line. Eventually we made it to the Houses of Parliament. Neither of us had ever been there before and it was exciting to take in the surroundings & enjoy tea and cake in the cafe. A few Lords floated by as we took in the huge vaulted ceilings and the statues and brass plates commemorating the laying in state of Winston Churchill and Kings and Queens. We even heard the Division Bell calling the MPs into the Commons to vote.

At the ceremony overlooking the Thames there were delegates from all over the world, some in national costumes. This was obviously a big deal to many. There were loads of amazing stories from special fishing nets to save turtles to hydrogen engines and from environmental civil engineering to sustainable fair-trade water-powered coffee mills and we felt lucky just to be there!

When the MC read that Turtle Doves had won the Gold medal in the Wholesale and Retail category, Graham and I just looked at each other, disbelieving. M&S received this award last year! We are just a tiny company that was still manufacturing and posting from our home in that same year. I guess the judges liked our message: innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Anyway, the Turtle Doves team are all chuffed to bits and want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!!’ to all our customers and those who’ve supported us since we started in 2009, at a Christmas Fayre in Shrewsbury.

The future’s bright. The future’s Green.

Kate & Graham

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