Summer gloves....really?!

Summer gloves....really?!

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves: A Great Item For Summer Too…

With Summer blooming, it’s time to ditch the scarves and gloves, right? – Well, not exactly.

Believe it or not, Turtle Doves fingerless gloves are great for all weathers. We all know how unpredictable our temperamental British weather can be; Turtle Doves fingerless gloves are designed to be folded down and worn on the wrist and transformed into your fingerless gloves whenever the sunshine decides to suddenly disappear.

With the ability to be worn on your wrists, Turtle Doves fingerless gloves never get lost. Practicality has never complemented style in a single item of clothing so well before. We have lots of customers who suffer from Raynauds' syndrome and other circulatory disorders who really feel the benefit of keeping their wrists warm. Also keeping wrists cosy helps to minimise the discomfort of arthritis and rhumatism too. The other benefit of keeping your wrists warm is that the rest of you stays warmer too so heading out with a cardi rather than a coat is not as risky on a summer evening if you have your Turtle Doves with you!

Summer gloves....really?!

Our fingerless gloves are available in a wide selection of colours and are all pure cashmere, so whether you’re a fan of subtle or bright accessories, we’ve got something for everyone.

The adaptability and functionality of Turtle Doves fingerless gloves is exceptionally useful for musicians, photographers, animal lovers, drivers, and people who text and phone on the go.

Not only are Turtle Doves fingerless gloves stylish, practical and suitable for any weather, they are also extremely environmentally friendly. With each pair being produced from recycled, unwanted jumpers, you can offer the materials used in your pair of fingerless gloves longevity and a brand new, loving owner. 


Among the places I use them is at work my office is an old building and although not cold if you are moving around, because my work is paper work often just my hands get cold . With my turtle doves gloves I can still write and use the key board and if they occasionally get in the way I just use them as wrist warmers until its convenient to use them as gloves again. I love them

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